Expertly Designed Kayaks in Waverley

Old Creel Canoe & Kayak is proud to offer outdoor enthusiasts in Waverley and throughout Nova Scotia and the Maritimes a complete supply of outdoor gear, including performance touring kayaks from Current Designs. Our staff will help match you with the perfect kayak, so come visit us today!

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Our stock of performance touring kayaks includes:

North American Style

  • Squall GTS
    This rotomolded kayak offers a new hull design which allows for increased efficiency and paddling prowess. It also boasts a user-friendly keyhole cockpit, a modernized deck and hidden rubber haul lines. It measures in at 15 feet and 11 inches.
  • Storm GT
    Extremely rugged and able to withstand inclement weather and conditions, the Storm GT could be the perfect kayak for you. Its rotomolded design ensures a competitive price that you’re sure to enjoy for years to come. It measures 17 feet long.
  • Solstice GT
    The most popular composite kayak every made, this classic model features outstanding acceleration, glide and tracking and can cover long distances quickly. This kayak is 17 feet and 7 inches long.
  • Solstice GT Titan
    Outdoor enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. The Solstice GT Titan is a comfortable performance touring kayak for larger paddlers. It uses the GT hull design and features a fuller deck for longer legs and bigger feet. It measures 17 feet and 7 inches long.
  • Solstice GTS
    The Solstice GTS performance touring kayak features plenty of leg room and an easy-to-enter cockpit. This highly versatile kayak measures 17 feet and 7 inches long.
  • Nomad GTS
    This model combines efficiency and speed. Its slender waterline makes for an efficient hull that can reach super-fast speeds. Perfect for relaxing afternoons or high-octane kayaking adventures, the Nomad GTS measures 18 feet and 10 inches in length.
  • Unity
    Built for safety as well as performance, the Unity performance touring kayak is perfect for novice and experienced paddlers alike. With an enlarged center hatch and a standard adjustable seatback, this could be the perfect kayak for you.
  • Libra XT
    Perfect for extensive tandem outings or family adventures, the Libra XT comes equipped with a double bulkheaded center compartment as well as bow and stern bulkheads. This kayak measures an impressive 21 feet and 8 inches in length.

British Style

  • Squamish
    A smaller rotomolded performance kayak, the Squamish is perfect for paddlers looking for a fun, easy-to-use sea kayak for day paddling and short trips. It is 15 feet and 8 inches in length.
  • Gulfstream
    The Gulfstream was designed by world famous designer and experienced kayaker Derek Hutchinson. It’s easy to control and responds immediately to a paddler’s commands. Skeg, back band and day hatch come standard with this kayak, which is just under 17 feet long.
  • Sirocco
    The rotomolded version of the Gulfstream model, this performance kayak appeals to a broad array of paddlers who need tight turning, quick paddling qualities all at a competitive cost. It is 16 feet and 10 inches in length.
  • Willow
    Specially designed for lighter kayakers who want a responsive, stable watercraft, the Willow is capable and sleek in equal measure. Skeg, back band and day hatch come standard. This model measures in at 15.5 feet.
  • Cypress
    Offering superior performance in open sea conditions, the Cypress is sure to please paddlers who are searching for a non-entry level daytripper kayak as well as sea kayakers who on long trips to remote destinations. It measures in at 16 feet and 9 inches.
  • Infinity
    A large expedition seak kayak, the Infinity features spacious hatches to hold all your gear. It fits larger paddlers comfortable and measures 17 feet and 9 inches in length.

Greenland Style

  • Rumour
    The Rumour is specially designed for smaller advanced paddlers. It features a snug fit cockpit, a buoyant bow and a slim profile. Skeg, back band and thigh braces come standard on this model.
  • Suka
    Designed specifically for smaller paddlers, the Suka’s shallow ‘V’ hull and hard chines offer security as well as graceful turns. It accelerates quickly and features skeg, back band and thigh braces standard.
  • Caribou
    The Caribou features a modernized deck, amazing initial stability and edge holding capabilities. Its eye-catching design is sure to set it apart in the water. The kayak measures 17 feet and 3 inches in length.
  • Isle
    If you’re a larger paddler in search of a hard chine kayak, the Isle may be the perfect model to consider. Skeg, back band and thigh braces come standard and the Isle measures exactly 18 feet in length.

Specialty Kayaks

  • Freedom
    Perfect for paddlers who enjoy the fitness aspect of kayaking, the Freedom features ample hand clearance for high angle paddling. Its large cockpit allows a variety of seating options. The model measures in at precisely 18 feet.
  • Ignite
    Efficiency, speed and stability unite in the Ignite. Able to reach fast speeds and offering a great workout to outdoor enthusiasts, the Ignite could be the perfect kayak for you. It is exactly 16 feet long and weighs just 39 pounds.
  • Tailfin
    This sit-above kayak is perfect for fishers who want a well-designed, stable kayak to enjoy the waters of Waverley. For increased stability and control, add the optional SmartTrack® rudder system!
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