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Old Creel Canoe & Kayak offers outdoor enthusiasts in Waverley and throughout Nova Scotia and the Maritimes a complete inventory of recreational kayaks from Current Designs and Emotion Kayaks. Our recreational kayaks span a wide array of designs and price points but all offer maximum performance, sleek design and unbeatable value. Visit us in Waverley and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to find the perfect kayak for you.

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Solara Recreational Kayaks

Learn more about our stock of Solara recreational kayaks, which includes:

  • Solara 100 Roto
    The Solara 100 Roto features a safe, twin bulkhead and hatch design. It boasts extra dry storage space over its competitors and offers a spacious, roomy fit. Perfect for beginning kayakers, the Solara 100 Roto measures 10 feet long and weighs just 54 pounds.
  • Solara 120
    The Solara 120 is a user-friendly, lightweight composite rec kayak. For a relaxing trip though Atlantic Canada, the easy-to-handle Solara 120 just can’t be beat. It weighs in at a breezy 42 pounds and is 12 feet long.
  • Solara 120 Roto
    A medium-sized kayak, the Solara 120 Roto can be enjoyed by the whole family as it comfortably fits both kids and adults. Its durable rotomold polyethylene finish allows for use in shallow rocky areas as well as beach landings. For exceptional length-weight-price value, the Solara 120 Roto is hard to beat. It measures 12 feet long and weighs 59 pounds.
  • Solara 135
    Measuring an impressive 13.5 feet long but weighing just 47 pounds, the Solara 135 is a smart choice for larger recreational paddlers. It’s the perfect option for beginning paddlers who want to cross loss distances quickly and safely.
  • Solara 135 Roto
    This full-sized kayak is perfect for customers who want an ultra-tough kayak at a competitive price. Perfect for fishing in Waverley or beyond, this model offers tons of gear storage space and improved maneuverability and control. It’s 13.5 feet long and weighs 64 pounds.

Kestrel Kayaks in Waverley

Old Creel Canoe & Kayak stocks a wide range of Kestrel Kayaks from Current Designs. Stop in today to browse:

  • Kestrel 120
    A classically designed recreational kayak, the Kestrel 120 is a composite hybrid model and weighs in at a featherweight 38 pounds. It boasts a large recreational cockpit for easy entry and exit. Measuring 12.5 feet long, this model is perfect for the whole family.
  • Kestrel 120 Roto
    This is the rotomolded version of the Kestrel 120 and offers the same performance and safety features as its counterpart, all at an affordable price. It features the Revolution Seating System and is a customer favourite.
  • Kestrel 120X
    Designed to comfortably fit larger outdoor enthusiasts, the Kestrel 120 X is full-sized kayak that includes two composite bulkheads and storage compartments to help transport all your gear. It’s also extremely easy to steer. It’s 12.5 feet long and weighs just 42 pounds.
  • Kestrel 120X Roto
    If you’re looking for a full-sized recreational kayak that’s both highly durable and highly affordable, consider the Kestrel 120 X Roto. This is a perfect kayak for beginners! It’s 12.5 feet long and weighs just 42 pounds.
  • Kestrel 120 OC
    Featuring an open cockpit design, this model is perfect for people who need to transport lots of cargo during their kayaking adventure. Fun, simple and easy to maneuver, the Kestrel 120 OC could be the perfect kayak for you.
  • Kestrel 140
    For increased storage space and extra safety, consider the Kestrel 140 and its bow hatch and bulkhead. Its rudder is optional and this model measures in at 14 feet long while weighing a mere 43 pounds.
  • Kestrel 140 Roto
    Boasting an ultra-tough rotomolded design, this model is perfect for the budget-conscious kayaker. It also includes extra storage space, perfect for fishing trips in or around Waverley’s waters. It measures 13.5 feet long and weighs 55 pounds.
  • Kestrel 140X
    Featuring a large, open cockpit, deep sides and a constant footprint in the water, this kayak is sure to help beginning kayakers feel relaxed and assured on the water. It measures 14 feet in length and weighs 47 pounds.
  • Kestrel 140 OC
    As an open cockpit kayak, this model offers kayakers more room while remaining super stable and able to fit just about anyone. Your whole family can enjoy the waters of Atlantic Canada in the Kestrel 140 OC!
  • Kestrel 140 SOT
    This brand new recreational kayak is perfect for kayaking through warm water. It features everything you’ll need for a fun, safe day on the water, including a front and day hatch, a netting-covered stern and water bottle holders. It’s 14 feet long and weighs just 39 pounds.

Emotion Kayaks

Old Creel Canoe & Kayak is proud to carry some of the latest kayaks from Emotion, a worldwide leader in durable, beautifully designed kayaks.

  • Darter
    This 9’ sit inside kayak can support more 250 pounds and is available in a stunning red finish. This kayak is optimal for slow-moving rivers and waterways as well as calm lakes and ponds and is perfect for the beginning kayaker. With an ST performance hull, it gives excellent stability and tracking and weighs in at just 40 pounds.

  • Guster
    New for 2014, Emotion’s Guster kayak combines comfort, stability and performance! Measuring 10 feet in length and weighing a manageable 48 pounds, this kayak is perfect for beginners who want to explore slow-moving rivers and waterways. It features a molded-in seat and is made from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.
  • Temptation 10 & 11
    Old Creel Canoe & Kayak stocks Temptation 10’ and 11’ kayaks for your pleasure. These kayaks unite performance and design to deliver truly stunning results. Perfect for beginners who want to explore the ponds, lakes and rivers of the Maritimes, these kayaks weigh in at 49 pounds and 56 pounds respectively.
  • Spitfire 8, 9, 12
    Come visit us in Waverley to browse our selection of Spitfire 8’, 9’ and 12’ kayaks! The Spitfire 12 can seat 2 passengers and supports up to 500 pounds, making it the perfect way to explore Nova Scotia and the surrounding area’s waterways. All models feature below deck storage for your convenience.
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