Most new paddler friendly canoe ever?

Hi Folks, Esquif has just released their latest canoe model as a tandem follow up to the hugely popular Adirondack 12 solo.  The Scout 14.5 is 39 inches wide, giving it great stability for new paddlers, bringing along dog(s), or anglers.  With a keel and 1.5 inches of rocker, the canoe tracks nicely and also is maneuverable enough for use in easy moving water.  

It comes in a super nice olive colour which is quite dark, green or the real tree camo (inside and out). 

Here is an Instagram post with a comparison the Prospecteur 15, which would make another good solo and tandem paddling canoe option.

Mike takes the Scout for a test paddle, the same as you would try before you buy, and give his thoughts on the Scout model in a video review.