Our favourite truck rack for carrying canoes and kayaks - Thule Xsporter Pro

Hi Folks, Just the other day we were reminded again of how much we love the Thule Xsporter Pro, truck bed rack.  We thought it was worth sharing why.  Here's a link to our product listing Thule Xsporter Pro - Truck Bed Rack.  And our excited faces below were after landing from a sweet "jump" photo with two canoes on the previous version of the Xsporter Pro.  What can we say, these racks last a long time where they are made of beefy aluminum.

  • The first reason this rack is so awesome is that it allows for easy loading where the rear cross bar is at the very back of the vehicle, minimizing the chance an inadvertent bump of the canoe or kayak on the truck
  • The Second reason we love this rack is that the crossbars adjust in height.  Even loading a canoe is a breeze where lowering the rear crossbar and having the front crossbar taller than the cab allows for the curve of the canoe to easily clear the long cabs on modern four door trucks.  The lower rear crossbar height can really help with easier loading.  We have seen many issues with canoes not being able to clear the cab of the trucks with other back of truck setups.
  • The third reason that we think the Xporter Pro is the bees knees is that it is so secure and handles bigger loads.  We have been able to safely transport many kayaks or even two canoes on this rack. The caveat being that you have adequate cam straps (or rope) and decent knot tying / rigging ability.

Now not everything is perfect so there is one drawback to the Xsporter Pro

  • Unfortunately, this rack is not tonneau compatible. If you are an avid canoeist or kayaker your gear will be in dry bags already...

We always want a truck with an Xsporter Pro on our canoe trip logistical plans to help with shuttling the most people and boats.  You too can use this rack to maximize on the fun on your next adventure. 

We are rack experts.  Especially when it comes to transporting canoes and kayaks.  We have the right accessories on hand and will make a recommendation that best suits your needs. 

Ask us how we can help you with your boat transportation questions!

- Mike & Krystle