Selecting the right clothing for cold weather paddling

Hi Folks, Here is a video of a white water kayaking day trip down the Medway River on February 17th, 2022. It was filmed with a 360 degree camera which makes it an immersive experience. If you have questions about what type of equipment helps you stay warm while paddling in cold conditions please reach out to discuss.  

Technical clothing I was wearing includes the following:

  • Atlan Dry suit with rubber neck and wrist gaskets
  • NRS Moisture wicking base layers (synthetic or wool)
  • NRS neoprene Maverick Gloves (Pogies work too)
  • NRS neoprene Storm Hood
  • NRS neoprene Paddling Boots
  • WRSI Helmet
  • NRS Nose plug
  • Salus Proto rescue PFD

On this February day air temperatures were above zero and we paddled for approximately two hours and were able to warm up in the car afterwards.  Appropriate clothing changes are required for longer trips and expeditions.  Finding the right winter gear for you can be a process of experimentation.  Referencing what works for others with a little bit of trail and error can help you find a clothing system that works for you.

Happy Paddling!

Link to YouTube Video