Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

Old Creel is proud to be home to a wide assortment of stand-up paddle boards to help our clients fully explore and enjoy the wilderness that surrounds them.

Stand-up paddle boards come in a variety of hull designs, material layup, lengths and weights. Our knowledgeable staff will help you navigate our stock to find the right stand-up paddle board for you.

Pulse Stand Up Paddle Boards (Akona)

Pulse Stand Up Paddle Boards are manufactured to the highest standards to using the best possible materials in order to produce a product that will last the test of time in any application. Whether it be our traditional epoxy construction or our new Rec-Tech epoxy boards, we have a board for every situation whether it be for recreation, rental or race, we can accommodate everyone!

Pulse Stand Up Paddle Boards come in four different styles:

  • Traditional style boards
  • Displacement style boards
  • Rec-Tech style boards
  • Softy style boards

They also make surf boards! Call if you would like to get one.

9 products

9 products