Aquabound 17" BilgeMaster Pump

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17 inch Kayak Pump With Orange Foam. Throws water 5 to 8'.

With a high-visibility design and a high-volume pump, this is a necessary safety tool for any paddler.  Pumps are especially convenient in a sea kayak where scooping actions to bail water out are inhibited by a lack of space in the cockpit.

As with all safety gear, quality is important so you are confident it will perform when you need it most!  Our kayak pumps work as if your life depended on them. Because someday it may. In a water fight, a BilgeMaster pump does what any kayak pump will do. But when you're fighting for survival, it's in a class by itself. Just compare features (see below). You'll see there's nothing like the BilgeMaster for yourself and your loved ones.

100% industrial-grade plastics, stainless steel piston rod. 

Made in the USA

Aquabound 17" BilgeMaster Pump