Esquif - Rangeley 17 in T-Formex

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Based on traditional Esquif models, the Rangeley 17 is the ideal canoe for all hunting and fishing environments. Our newest and most adaptable materials permit the manufacturing of time-tested styles in modern formats, making for light, easy handlings and car loadings of the boat. Its resilient Royalex hulls excel in rough water and are perfect for handling waves in large windy lakes. With a 51-inch beam, the model outperforms most of all modern canoes and allows for safe reliable cruising, as well as tremendous efficiency when rowed from the centre position. With a very high capacity for gear and anglers, the Rangeley 17 is a wonderful option for those looking for a flay-styled boat, suited for all hunting and fishing conditions. We offer the boats in the traditional wood trim, or with robust vinyl gunwales that allow for rod holders and accessories to be mounted securely.


Lovingly made in Frampton, Quebec. 


  • Construction : T-Formex
  • Length: 5.18 m (17’)
  • Width: 129.54 cm (51”)
  • Depth: 40.6 cm (16”)
  • Shape: Square Stern
  • Gunwale: Vinyl
  • Colour: Camo, Olive
  • Weight: 56.8 kg (125 lbs)
  • Carrying capacity * recommandation of coastal guard for motor boat* : 265 kg (582 lb)
  • Seats: Webbed seats
  • Max outboard: 8 HP or 6 k