Book - The Tent Dwellers by Albert Bigelow Paine

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A humorous historical tale of travelling by canoe through Nova Scotia’s Tobeatic Wilderness Area and Kejimkujik. Mandatory reading for any canoeist in Nova Scotia.

  Tent Dwellers 

 Albert Bigelow Paine (1861-1937) was an American novelist, biographer, and editor. He was the official biographer and literary executor for Mark Twain.


Albert Bigelow Paine’s account of his three-week fishing adventure in the wilderness of Nova Scotia is a true classic. For over one hundred years, the adventures of the author and his companions, Eddie, Del, and Charlie, have been enjoyed by fishers, canoeists, and armchair travellers alike. Written with an unassuming wit, this nimble narrative captures the camaraderie of the journey and the appeal of life in the woods. Paine’s observations on the art of fishing conveys the elements of meditation, competition, and obsession familiar for those who practise, and enlightening for those who do not. His humorous and poetic depictions of campfire meals, tenting, navigation, encounters with wildlife, and assorted triumphs and blunders are as engaging and entertaining today as when The Tent Dwellers was first published in 1908.


   Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing

   ISBN: 9781551097626

Book - The Tent Dwellers by Albert Bigelow Paine