Esquif - Prospecteur 15 in T-Formex

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Our new Prospector 15 is the little sibling to our Prospecteur 16 and Prospecteur 17 canoes. With a traditional Chestnut Prospector inspired design it is a stable yet sporty canoe that handles rough conditions and a good sized load. Ideal as a wilderness whitewater tripper for youth, for couples looking to go exploring on weekends, or as a very capable solo expedition canoe.

Lovingly made in Frampton, Quebec.


Construction:    T-Formex

Length :  4.6 m (15′)

Width :  89 cm (35″)

Depth :  36.8 cm (14.5″)

Rocker : 7 cm (2.75″)

Colour :  Red, Green (Other colours may be available at an up charge, call to discuss)

Weight : 27 kg (60 pounds)

Seats :  Webbed seats

Standard :  Vinyl trim, contoured ash yoke, thwart

Options :  Wood trim; Tandem or Solo Touring Outfit Kit